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Qualibra, Wetting Agent


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Wetting Agent

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10 L

A wetting and water conservation agent to help the management of water in turfgrass rootzones and to prevent dry patch

Precautionary Statements

  • Always read and follow the directions for use and other instructions on the label of each container. FIRST AID Singapore: For 24-hours medical emergency assistance - Phone +65 6334 4366 or a doctor immediately.
  • In a transport or medical emergency - dial 995 for Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).
    For specialist advice in an emergency, call +65 6334 4366 (24 hours).

  • Qualibra is an exciting new concept in wetting agent from the surface, and the is held more evenly and to greater depth within the root zone for better utilisation by turf plants.



    Combination of dynamic penetrant that is more effective in moving water down the profile and powerful polymer that retain moisture at a greater depth
    Tackle turf health more effectively
    Actively alleviate hydrophobic issues



    Maintain plant health and surface quality
    Prevent damaging dry patch developing
    Make better use of irrigation resources
    Retain healthier roots