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Authorisation Number: 
SG - APVMA Approval No: 85434/113274 | HK - N/A
Hong Kong

For the control of mole cricket, cutworm, armyworm and weevils.


Provaunt 20WDG provides a new diruptive solution againts turf pests. It has a new mode of action to control mole cricket, cutworm, armyworm, and weevils. No cross resistance with any other molecule. It is effective for both adults and larvae. It's non repellant thus won't push pest away from treated zone unlike other adulticides. It is the improved formulation with enhanced performance of Indoxacarb (active ingredient). Indoxacarb, it's active requires bio-activation to the active form by insects own metabolic enzymes hence only targeted insect pests are affected. Provaunt 20WDG is your ultimate solution againts turf pests as it offer 90 days control for mole cricket and 28 days control for cutworm and armyworm. 

A single application gives you long-lasting control in mole cricket, armyworm, cutworm, and weevils. With PROVAUNT, you
can maintain optimum turf quality and reduce labor and machinery costs. You can now deploy your workforce to other tasks.

Re-entry Period

  • DO NOT allow entry into treated areas until the spray has dried.

Precautionary Statements

  • This product is a registered chemical and must, therefore, be used in accordance with the container label directions. Each user should read this SDS and consider the information in the context of how the product will be handled and used in the workplace including in conjunction with other products FIRST AID Singapore: For 24-hours medical emergency assistance - Phone +65 6334 4366 or a doctor immediately.
Personal Protective Equipment
  • Harmful if swallowed. When opening the container, preparing spray and using the prepared spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or equivalent clothing). Wash hands after use. After each day’s use, wash contaminated clothing.
  • Singapore: 

    In a transport or medical emergency - dial 995 for Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

    For specialist advice in an emergency, dial 6334 4366 (24 hours).

    Hong Kong:

    In a transport or medical emergency - dial 999 for Ambulance and Fire Services Department (FSD). 

    Report leakage / spillage to Environmental Protection Department (EPD) - dial 2838 3111

  • PROVAUNT Turf Insecticide targets and destroys both adult and larvae including the critical 3rd and 4th Instars. This powerful unique chemistry can be used preventatively and curatively to shut down the Argentine Stem Weevil (ASW) life cycle. 


    • Different mode of action (Group 22A) for turf industry 
    • Targets and shuts down the Argentine Stem Weevil life cycle 
    • Absorbed in the waxy cuticle of plant tissue, providing good residual activity as the larvae and adult feed. 
    • Treated adults stop feeding and die over several days.  


    • Allows for reduction of organophosphate chemistry  
    • Powerful resistance management tool  
    • Improved environmental and HSE profile