Making good turf great, from tee to green

Primo Maxx

In a perfect world, mother nature always provides ideal weather for courses to remain in peak condition. The reality, though, is far less predictable. Singapore’s warm and wet weather often brings additional turf growth. Add to that the difficulty of mowing in bad weather, and it can be a challenge to get turf under control when rain hits.

One crucial tool you need under your belt is a growth regulation plan. As an important part of any effective management practice, growth regulation is a pre-emptive move that pays dividends in the long run.

And for a long-established product that brings results from tee to green, consider Syngenta’s PRIMO MAXX.

The science

PRIMO MAXX regulates turf growth by temporarily blocking the production of gibberellic acid within the plant leaf. This effectively limits cell elongation, shortens the distance between the shoot nodes, and suppresses vertical growth. The plant’s energy is diverted to boost root and lateral growth instead, ultimately creating a stronger, healthier and denser turf.

The benefits

Golf course quality is the no. 1 factor in attracting golfers to a club. From the tee to the fairways and the putting green, PRIMO MAXX delivers significant benefits for the whole golf course – helping you ensure quality while saving precious time and money on maintenance.

On the tee:

  • resilience against wear and tear – applying PRIMO MAXX ahead of periods of stress means plants cope better with adverse conditions, such as drought or heavy use.
  • improved shade tolerance – PRIMO MAXX helps plants compensate for reduction in light levels, improving turf performance in shaded areas.

On the fairway:

  • reduced maintenance costs – grass fully treated with PRIMO MAXX requires up to 35% less mowing, reducing costs and freeing up labor for other course maintenance activities.
  • more sustainable management – less mowing not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also fuel consumption and costs.
  • improved turf quality – PRIMO MAXX delivers enhanced ball presentation and play, consistently superior playing surfaces and a cleaner visual finish with less clumps and fewer seed heads.

On the green:

  • better turf quality – achieve a smoother, truer and more consistent putting surface with PRIMO MAXX, a key factor for attracting new golfers and encouraging existing ones to play more often.
  • greater density – with slower and denser leaf growth, the playing surface’s speed and quality will remain more consistent throughout the day.
  • greater disease resistance – PRIMO MAXX offers superior rooting and greater overwinter disease tolerance.