The PRIMO MAXX effect

Median Strip Primo

PRIMO MAXX Turf Growth Regulator will promote greener, denser, more resilient turf with less growth, fewer clippings and therefore less expensive maintenance. 

PRIMO MAXX is the trusted growth regulator that has been used for many years by golf courses and top end sports fields. While the turf quality and surface integrity are important for these customers, the added benefits of reduced mowing and labour savings can be seen in other landscape areas, council parks and road sides.

Grass Graph
Increased Profitability 

PRIMO MAXX will reduce mowing frequency resulting in less fuel used and a reduction in machinery wear and tear. Traffic management expenses are generally very high, when required, so decreasing the number of times you need to have traffic control in place will result in savings.

Reduced OHS Liabilities

Using PRIMO MAXX will reduce the need to mow in difficult and dangerous areas which reduces the risk of accidents and injury to staff. PRIMO MAXX can help limit the likelihood of injury from flying debris, to employees and the general public, resulting in reduced OHS liabilities. Less mowing and spraying means less disruption and noise disturbance to the customer, the general public and the surrounding environment.

Grass Feet Smaller Carbon Footprint
Smaller Carbon Footprint

The lower input requirements due to reduction in mowing and increased spray intervals mean you are one step closer to becoming carbon neutral. In addition, the reduction in clippings will make disposal after collection easier. Research has also shown PRIMO MAXX improves the turf plant’s water management efficiency, meaning greener grass with less water requirements.

Lowering Costs

With less inputs required for enhanced turf quality PRIMO MAXX will not only help retain current contracts, lifting the standard of the end product that has been delivered in the past, it will assist doing so at a lower overall cost.

Win More Contracts

PRIMO treated turf will have that freshly mowed look for longer and the turf has bigger and healthier root systems to help it deal with the effects of shade tolerance, drought, stress and wear. Offering PRIMO as part of your tender recommendation will differentiate you from other contractors. With labour increasingly hard to find, PRIMO MAXX can enable operators and contractors to look after larger areas and release more time for essential maintenance, allowing them to run a larger portfolio of contracts.