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MEDALLION Fungicide - Contact Plus

This is not just another contact fungicide. In general conversation we place it in the ‘contact’ class but it has a greater reach and a stronger punch than a standard contact. How is this greater reach and stronger punch achieved? Medallion Contact Plus

In general a ‘contact’ fungicide coats and protects the external surface of a turf leaf. It is therefore strongly focused on prevention. If for any reason we missed the preventative window, and the fungal development process has moved beyond this to an active infection within a leaf, the strict contacts have limited ability to pull the process back. However, a product like MEDALLION with its longer reach into the leaf (translaminar movement), can treat infections further along the infection pathway, extending the window wider into the early curative side of the equation. 

Preventative_Curative Fungicide

The second, and quite novel way MEDALLION delivers a stronger punch is the way it upsets the osmotic pressure of fungal cells. In a normal system fungi will manage cell pressures in such a way that an equilibrium is maintained inside and out. Medallion targets this equilibrium, causing inside pressures to rise, and spores simply explode due to the inbalance. This cellular disruption is not limited to fungi present on the turf leaf. This can happen on the leaf, in the crown, thatch and/or soil - anywhere MEDALLION should settle post application.

Spore explosion Medallion

So with a greater breadth of function, not just on leaf but the IN the leaf, and the ability to treat fungal spores wherever MEDALLION travels, you start to see why we say ‘this isn’t just another contact’!

Remember carefully timed fungicide applications can:

  • Achieve better disease control for improved turf quality
  • Provide significantly longer lasting disease control
  • Mean less scarring and re-seeding operations
  • Reduce the number of fungicide applications per season
  • Improve time management and use of resources