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Break the mite cycle

Couchgrass Mite Hero


Bermudagrass Mite Control Redefined

Have you ever wondered why Bermudagrass Mite is hard to control and why you just never seem to get 100% back from a severe infestation? It is a compounding effect: Mite Lifecycle

Bermudagrass Mite has a very short lifecycle (10-14 days) and multiple generations per season

Bermudagrass Mite is “physically difficult to get to” as it lives in tight spaces between leaf sheaths

Bermudagrass Mite cripples turf recovery with toxins injected during feeding

Physical damage (witches broom) is irreversible

Recently Bermudagrass Mite has been targeted with a single chemistry approach at spray intervals twice the length of its lifecycle

Single chemistry overuse often leads to tolerance or ultimately resistance development


Effective management of Bermudagrass Mite in your turf areas thus needs to overcome these compounding effects, by effectively controlling multiple lifecycles and affording turf the opportunity to recover. Syngenta offers a complete mite control solution in AGADOR and HIGRAN to accomplish exactly that.

  • Multiple chemistries to ensure consistent control and minimise resistance development
  • Spray application windows that covers multiple lifecycles
  • Specific recommendations to ensure proper application placement in between leaf sheaths
  • Physical removal of damaged plant material to allow real turf quality improvements

Syngenta Solution

Mite Control Solution

Below is an approach that our research in Australia (over the past 4 years) has proven to be most effective against Bermudagrass Mite.

Make a start at the very first signs of mite activity or when flushing indicates the presence of mites, as this will ensure minimum physical damage to be repaired.

2 step program for Mite Control