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Welcome to Syngenta Turf & Landscape - Singapore & Hong Kong

VELISTA® fungicide is a new standard for systemic broad-spectrum disease control and turf safety.


VELISTA® is a powerful broad-spectrum fungicide that can be used all year round. . Backed by science, it keeps your turf in excellent condition especially when the temperature a...

Turf innovation that’s out of this world launched in Singapore


Syngenta APAC Commercial Head of Marketing, Shane Lee, is excited to introduce Velista® - a new powerful fungicide in Singapore.

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Barricade Teaser

Easy Weed Control. Trust Barricade.

Barricade - pre-emergent control of weeds in established turf, garden beds and nursery...

SpraySure Application

Accuracy and Performance

Accurate spray application is an essential element of getting the best result

Medallion Spore Explosion

Fungicide selection and application

Selecting and applying the right fungicide is key